In the Bronx, unemployment rates are high, graduation rates are low, and rates of asthma and diabetes are above the national average. The largest food distribution center in the U.S. is located in the South Bronx, but residents lack easy access to fresh, affordable food and must search corner stores, liquor stores, and bodegas for daily fare. An estimated 15,000 trucks drive to and from the food distribution center each day, which means that residents also face higher levels of environmental toxins than other boroughs. 

Since our first project in the Bronx in 2012, In Good Company has contributed over 7,000 volunteer hours to 11 community partners working to increase access to healthy local food and strengthen community. Volunteers have dug and hauled out thousands of pounds of bricks, rocks, old carpets, and debris to renovate six community gardens. We’ve built almost 200 raised beds, a greenhouse, a hoop house, multiple rainwater catchment systems, a rainwater garden, and a raccoon-proof chicken palace. Neighbors can gather now in newly renovated community gardens to visit while they nurture their tomatoes, papalo, and green peppers, or celebrate special events. 

Over the course of IGC’s eight projects, we also renovated a new art studio space where THE POINT Community Development Corporation can promote creativity and youth leadership among student artists. We extended the studio to include a multipurpose space, and also transformed a shipping container into an art gallery. We’ve loved working alongside extraordinary gardeners, chefs, bread bakers, beekeepers, entrepreneurs, graffiti artists, environmental justice advocates, boat makers, DJs, and food justice activists.

We’ve seen firsthand the genius, creativity, perseverance, fun, and pride in community that defines this part of New York. And we’ve also seen how gardens grow more than food—they help grow local leaders, community, and friendships to last a lifetime.

1 football field’s worth of garden space
1 raccoon-proof chicken palace
1 shipping container turned art gallery

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