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Liz Left Her Sole in Stanislaus

In Good Company projects are hard work, both physically and emotionally. And when it’s time to say goodbye, we all leave a little bit of ourselves with the project. Some more than others.

By day, Liz was a Store Leader at EILEEN FISHER, a women’s fashion brand whose commitment to human rights and sustainability runs deep. As part of the inaugural In Good Company project in the Stanislaus National Forest in 2015, Liz and a team of volunteers joined forces with the Tuolumne River Trust and the US Forest Service to prepare a 2-acre site for eventual planting of conifers in response to the devastating Rim Fire.  Liz and the crew cleared away brush and fallen trees, weeded invasive species and aggressive undergrowth, and leveled ground so that another team of volunteers could plant trees the following year. They also created bioswales and planted native vegetation at a second location, the Rim of the World, a vista site that provides sweeping views of the Tuolumne River Canyon where the mega-fire started.  Next, the crew removed several old, worn benches, replacing them with custom versions that will provide comfortable resting spots for the 745,000 people who visit the overlook each year.

In Good Company projects can create lasting bonds between volunteers, and Liz made fast friends with Bettina from Seventh Generation, who was focused on repurposing the wood from the old Rim of the World benches at a third worksite.  Inspired by their experiences in Stanislaus, Liz and Bettina returned the following year, on their own dime, to help out the 2016 crew as they planted the first round of Ponderosa Pine and Incense Cedar.  Rumor has it, Liz worked so hard that she busted through the soles of her boots.  As with all In Good Company projects, she, and everyone else involved, left a bit of their souls out there.

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