Jessica's Super Extra Guac

In the Bronx, she built raised garden beds and watered plants with Project EATS and Bronx Green-Up, and for Taco Tuesday, Jessica (Amy’s Kitchen) whipped up some of the best guac we’ve ever tasted. Um, yum! 

No exact measurements here. The key is to keep tasting it and adjusting as you go. Remember to dice or mince the ingredients small enough so that every bite has all of the flavors.

7 or 8 large avocados

6 or more large cloves garlic, minced finely or pressed

1 jalapeño, minced very finely (I usually use the seeds too). If the jalapeños are not that spicy, I might add 2.

1 large yellow or white onion, small dice, but not minced. You want every bite to have at least 1 crunchy small piece of onion in it

4 or more Roma tomatoes, small dice,same as onion, every bite should have some small tomato pieces in it. You should see diced onion and tomato throughout the whole guacamole to know it's the right amount. Add more if needed.

1 whole bunch of cilantro, minced

1-2 green onions minced. I didn't have these in the Bronx, but I will typically add them at home.

2-4 limes: number of limes depends on how juicy and how acidic you want the final product to be.

Salt to taste: you just have to do this several times, a little at a time, until it tastes perfect. I'll typically add salt in as many as eight increments, stir it up and taste again. If it's under-salted it won’t taste as good, but you definitely don't want to over salt, so go slowly.

Step 1: Use a fork to "whip" the avocados only in a large bowl, until the consistency is smooth.

Step 2: Add everything, mix up, add salt and lime, taste, and adjust as necessary.

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